MyCellHub takes LRM on board in second capital round

1 million euro for SaaS-platform in biopharma : MyCellHub takes LRM on board in second capital round

Hasselt – MyCellHub raises one million euros from the Limburg Investment Company LRM and its existing shareholders, being Gemma Frisius Fund, KU Leuven, Noshaq SA, CoFoundry NV and The Faktory Fund. MyCellHub is a modular data management and analysis (SaaS) platform that streamlines and automates complex workflows in the bio-manufacturing industry. It can count among its customers companies like eTheRNA immunotherapies, TRU Cleanroom Cleaning and EXO Biologics. The funds will be used to integrate new software developments and focus on marketing, sales and internationalisation.



Process automation

MyCellHub’s platform is specifically designed for biotech and biopharma companies that are developing medicines. As soon as the research and development phase is completed, production is scaled up.  Once in production, everything happens according to standardised processes in clean rooms or controlled laboratory environments and the process is subject to strict quality requirements. This results in quite a few administrative challenges, while it is precisely in this phase of life that bio-manufacturing companies need efficiency and automation.


MyCellhub is a great added value for companies with complex development or production workflows. The platform consists of two parts. On the one hand, there is a mobile application for the operators in the cleanroom or lab environment that supports them by means of interactive work instructions to carry out complex processes and reduce the risk of errors. In addition, there is an online data management application that centralises all processed data from the mobile app into a general overview that facilitates the planning and monitoring of workflows and processes.



LRM on board

“We are very pleased with this new investment round. With the extra funds, MyCellHub will be able to further respond to the rapidly changing medical world in the years to come. Think, for example, of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products”, says Toon Lambrechts, co-founder & CEO MyCellHub. “These are advanced therapies – such as cell and gene therapy – that are gaining considerable importance in the medical world, especially in combination with personalised medicine, whereby the patient’s genetic profile, among other things, is taken into account. We are ready for the future.”


“We have been following MyCellHub since the summer of 2019, when an initial capital round was completed to move from prototype to sales,” said Tom Aerts, Head of Investments at LRM. “LRM is very happy to be part of a strong team from now on that has all sector-specific knowledge. We will be able to support them with expertise and advice, something we call smart money. MyCellHub is at the crossroads of biotech, health-tech and industry 4.0, all important sectors with a strong focus on innovation. That fits in perfectly with the LRM scope. 


Moreover, we are increasingly focusing on international investment dossiers, in the broad sense of the word. The fact that a number of investment funds from outside Flanders are also at the table, is an extra advantage for LRM and Limburg.”