Managing process data doesn’t have to be a challenge, turn it into your advantage

Data capturing
Get rid of paper

MyCellHub’s interactive workflows provide media rich work instructions and capture process data in real time. Use the mobile app or connect via your browser.

Data management
Centralise everything

MyCellHub’s back office manages all your data in one place and provides LIMS, ERP and MES features. We integrate with your existing systems as well.

Data analytics
Know more

Don’t just collect your data for regulatory compliance. Boost your process insights with advanced data analytics and save time with automated reports.

Electronic batch records

MyCellHub’s electronic batch records enable you to create interactive work instructions for your manufacturing, QC or maintenance processes. Capture process data in real time and allow more efficient data flows throughout your organisation. An EBR not only saves time, but significantly improves data integrity.

Data management platform

MyCellHub’s data management application provides a central overview on your available inventory, the scheduled processes and the status of equipment and other resources. The tight integration with our electronic batch records ensures that your data is always consistent and up-to-date. Already have an ERP, MES or LIMS? Rest assured, MyCellHub is designed to integrate easily with external systems.

Data analytics & automated reporting

Released from its paper format, your data can be put to work. Compile complex reports with a single click of a button and get actionable insights into your process with our analytics, focusing on product quality and cost of goods.

Why MyCellHub?

Tailor-made for cleanrooms and labs

The MyCellHub team counts as many bioprocess specialists as software developers. We strongly believe that our thorough understanding of bioprocessing helps you to get the most out of the MyCellHub software.

Low effort & agile configuration

The platform is a modular Software as a Service. Together with a fast setup time, MyCellHub’s total cost of ownership is low compared to classic solutions. Contact us for an ROI calculation!

Designed for ease of use & compliance

MyCellHub’s modular design is able to digitise your organisation step by step in an agile way. The increased data integrity and automation actively reduces your regulatory efforts. Needless to say that MyCellHub comes with an audit trail, e-signatures, access control and validation documentation to support your 21 CFR part 11 and EU vol. 4 Annex 11 compliance.

We ❤️ analytics

Soft sensors, early warning systems, growth kinetics, metabolite analysis, data-based predictive models, cost of goods analytics,… This is what gets us out of bed in the morning! We also collaborate with real smart people from KU Leuven University on these analytics.

They work with us