Inventory Management

Ultimate visibility with real-time inventory updates

Use MyCellHub’s companion app to track the status and whereabouts of any material in your facility, 100% in sync with your own material workflows. MyCellHub integrates inventory management into its digitalised workflows to keep track of raw material, reagents and product intermediate stock levels in real-time. 

Start simple by making use of our built-in workflows for warehousing, quarantining and material release or adapt the configuration to your own needs from the ground up. Integrate your existing ERP system or use MyCellHub’s stand-alone inventory management tools to generate bills of material, keep track of material expiration dates or get alerts on stock levels. 

Advantages of real-time inventory access

Barcode scanning

Manually copying lot numbers is a tedious task that is prone to errors. Even when you are on the go, you can easily scan 1D and 2D barcodes with the tablet app.

Regulatory compliance

Access to the release status of materials, expiry date warnings and traceability of every lot number at the tip of your fingers?  MyCellHub actively helps to assure compliance and prevent mistakes.

Connected manufacturing

Centralising all your data is a key element to efficient manufacturing. Seamlessly sync the data collected with MyCellHub to your existing (ERP) system via our API. 

Automation and paperless documentation

Set alerts to warn about stock levels getting low so you don’t forget to reorder or get a warning on material lot expiry dates that are approaching to prevent waste.

What's next?

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