Industry specific platform

A lot of effort is put in ensuring GMP readiness. Having bioengineering backgrounds ourselves, we really understand your workflows, pains and needs. Furthermore, our license fee includes the necessary quality support to ensure a validated state 100% of the time you use the software.

We put the 21 CFR 11 compliance of our customer at the core of our development while following GAMP5 and ISA 95 guidelines.

Software as a Service

We go for the You pay for what you use model. If your activities are growing and more users or features have to be added, the software will scale with any phase your company is currently in. From process development to clinical manufacturing. 

Moreover, all installation, hosting and maintenance concerns are taken out of your hands. We take care of all of it.

Workflow centric design 

The platform adapts to your workflows in such a way that you won’t have to change your way of working.

It helps you save time. We have calculated that digitalising the reporting and reviewing procedures can save up to 20% of the total man hours spent on a batch. 

It increases the throughput of a facility. Centralising all workflow data allows real-time visibility of what is going on in your facility, but also smoother process management lifecycle.

It improves data integrity. No more important paper that gets lost. No more error due to manually and badly handwritten records. Everything is traceable and crystal clear.

There are 2 elements in the pricing:

  • A one-off setup fee that entails the configuration of your workflows, integrations, and validation of the first release. The setup fee is determined based on your User Requirement Specifications and is charged like a consultancy project.
  • An annual licence fee that is based on the total number of users registered on the platform. The licence fee includes hosting costs, back-ups and future releases of the software all of that in a validated state.

As we are a SaaS company and work on a You pay for what you use model, the cost of our platform varies from one company to another depending on the number of users and needs.

Feel free to contact us here if you need more information.

* validation ‘in a sandbox environment’ means that once a software update is available, the customer gets access to a parallel software environment with all his current data, but with the new features. In this environment, the customer can test the software and prepare the validation. Once validated, the production environment is then updated to the version of the sandbox environment

The license fee price will depend on the level of Service you will choose.

It depends. Technically speaking, the deployment of the software in cloud servers takes 20 minutes. Building and preparing validation of simple workflows takes a couple of days. 

But for most installations that are handling a dozen GMP processes, the deployment (configuration of customer-specific workflows + installation + validation + training) could take up to 6 months. If a lot of tailor-made integrations are needed, or if there are hundreds of processes to digitalise and validate, it could take even longer. In summary, it depends on your User Requirements.

The software is designed to be hosted in the cloud.

But it is entirely possible to deploy it on a local server as well if cloud is not an option. We don’t recommend on-premise installation for companies without an internal IT-team.

Yes, this is possible due to the fact that the whole platform is built as an API (Application Programming Interface). This allows our platform to connect, or “plug in’ to other external API’s. 

However, this also depends on the connectivity option of the systems you want to integrate MyCellHub with. Integration often require deeper customization and will always add to the complexity and the duration of the Setup Phase.

We realised a business case based on data gathered with a large biopharmaceuticals company. You can receive it by answering 3 questions. Once done, you will be sent a report highlighting your potential savings through digitalization.

More questions?

We only covered the most reccurent questions. 

If you need more specific informations, feel free to reach one of our process engineer!

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Chief Customer Success Officer & Co-founder

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