Data management platform

Resource management

The inventory of tracked resources is updated in real-time during process executions with the tablet app. The searchable inventory provides full traceability of the used resources.

Sample tracking

The platform provides a complete overview of the samples, tests and QC workflows. Register QC samples directly from the tablet app. Plan and record the execution of QC processes per test or per batch. Combine different QC test execution reports to generate certificates of analysis. 

Equipment management

Manage all equipment at your disposal and track their operational status. Automatically maintain traceability of the use of equipment in specific processes.

Any procedure in your facility follows a certain process lifecycle. In order to ensure a good chain of custody, the information has to be properly passed between systems and between people. However, manual transfer of the data is not a scalable way of doing it as it is time consuming, prone to errors and it delays the access to information. Digitisation of the processes and automation of these data transfers enables leaner operations, “right first time” and throughput increase so you can focus on added value operations.