Sample tracking and QC

Real-time traceability and integrated quality control records

Integrate sample tracking into MyCellHub’s digital GMP workflows and enable complete traceability between resources. Samples like in-process controls or environmental monitoring plates are constantly moving throughout your facility. MyCellHub’s browser application provides youw with a real-time overview of their location and status. By linking QC workflows to sample readouts, Quality Control reports like certificates of analysis can be generated with a single click.

Every organisation is unique, so adapt the digital workflows for quality controls or environmental monitoring to your own specific protocols and use your own report templates for samples or results. Maintain traceability across different systems by syncing data with other software or devices.

Advantages of digital sample management

Real-time out of specifications

Manually verifying if samples are within specifications is a very slow process. MyCellHub provides Out of Specifications (OOS) alerts in real-time.

Remote access to readouts

Readouts from QC tests are seamlessly integrated with the sample data and centralised, automatically. Device readouts are  communicated with the platform to centralise all your data.

Automatic integrity checks

Locating and identifying all the right samples for a specific QC process sometimes takes as much time as the process itself. MyCellHub’s companion app will tell you where to find each sample. By scanning its label, it will confirm whether or not you picked the right one.

Paperless reporting

Some reports from the QC data can get very complex and extremely time consuming to build. Design your own report layouts in the MyCellHub platform and create those reports in one click.

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