Interactive Batch Records

MyCellHub's Interactive Batch Records makes documenting and reporting of workflows easy. They provide operators with step-by-step visual guidance and simultaneously log the process data.

Mobile first EBR

Step-by-step work instructions with visual guidance, integrated data capturing and automated reports everywhere you need them, in GMP production, raw material testing, QC, maintenance, etc.

Interactive work instructions

Prevent production errors and reduce operator-dependent variability with interactive work instructions. Mirror your paper work instruction with text and pictures or add videos and sound.

Real-time traceability

MyCellHub's EBRs automatically syncs with the data management platform. Use this feature to keep your inventory up-to-date, get updates on equipment statuses, access your company's audit trail, etc.

Improved data integrity

Everyone makes mistakes, but with MyCellHub's batch records this is way harder. Don't manually log data, scan it. Don't make calculations, get real-time results. Don't copy-paste reports, just get one made automagically .