Interactive Electronic Batch Records


Step by step work instructions

Improve standardisation of process execution with interactive work instructions. The work instructions are easily reusable and can be in the form of texts, images, videos or voice records.

Real-time data logging

Number, text and photo inputs allow real-time recording of the data. Barcode scanning and automated calculations reduce the amount of process errors

Custom workflow design

Design your own processes. Conditional paths allow to anticipate variability in the processes. Review, version track and approve the creation of new processes. Plan the execution of these workflows, track critical process parameters and keep an overview of the different processes running in your facility.

Automated reporting

The app automatically generates process reports and updates the audit trail in real-time. Generate summarised reports, e.g. bill of materials, certificates of analysis, maintainance reports… and combine them to automate the creation of the batch record. Custom report templates can be designed on a case by case basis to suit any non-standard reporting needs. 

Third party integrations

The API (application programming interface)-based design allows the process to communicate with other softwares or devices. This provides a lean approach to data centralization with the interactive workflows as the “GMP glue” between your devices and softwares.