Data management platform

MyCellHub's data management platform serves as the back office of your facility. All process data gets centralised here.

Central repository

Create one single central data repository that links data to its original processing step and metadata. The back office is also used to get an overview of all your company resources, projects, users and permissions, inventory levels,...

Samples, inventory and equipment tracking

Centralise samples from multiple processes and provide the QC department with a tool to manage the tests and results. Plan and register maintenance cycles on lab equipment and keep track of reagents and supplies.

Integrates with external devices

Integrate multiple data sources by coupling them via MyCellHub's API. Not only does the back office integrate with the Interactive Batch Records, a system level integration is pursued by coupling your manufacturing devices directly to the platform.

Real-time audit trail

Every action on the platform is logged automatically in an immutable audit trail that provides you with real-time status updates.